Let the world in, or hide the key?


Online/Offline? That’s my dilemma. Until I feel comfortable online, this blog stays offline. Stays private long enough to practice and get the following list firmly locked into place.

#1:To once again journal regularly.

At one time, after reading Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, I practiced  morning pages and they felt good, and were therapeutic.  Journaling early in the morning, when the air is quiet and all sounds seem muted allowed me to empty out my heart, and head onto the pages. Here, in this blog I plan to keep a rubber band securely around both to remind myself to not get in things too deeply. Which leads to…

#2: Don’t get into the ugly and stay there poking at it.

Ugly = heavy. Heavy is hard reading. I tried hanging onto heavy pages I’d written. Uncomfortable.  I didn’t get off on reading that nasty stuff so why in hell’s name would anyone else? So I burnt them. It felt good. I was moving forward, and I like moving forward. Besides, I’ve come to understand there are two main types of memorable times in our lives. The plain old ugly sucked-in-the-muck moments, and those delicious ‘aha’ moments. Both kinds come equipped with a sticky backing and once they find an empty space on our ego brain-board—zipppp—like burrs on a dog. If I decide I want to reference one of those moments, I merely do an internal scan of my ego brain-board till I find the right memory/sticky. I believe that to physically hang onto that stuff is like hoarding and we’ve all seen the results of that. Besides…

#3: Nothing physically saved is private.

If saved they can be discovered. Any blog (public/private) can be found by a savvy computer snoop and hurled into cyber space like laundry on a clothesline.  Anything handwritten into a journal can be found by a snoop (usually family) so ALWAYS keep that thought in the spaces between the gray matter. And finally….

#4: Make your words worth sharing. Don’t babble.

And lord knows, I can babble the eyeballs right off a frog…

Enough said for now….Ciao

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