The Fat Came Back But The Sun Didn’t

So here it is two days away from the first of  September and we’re only just getting into the sun thing. We waited so long for the sun, or at least the sun without a biting wind, and now it’s on its way out.  Well, just bastards I say. (I’d say lots more but I’m working at keeping this a clean site.) ….this space reserved for silent hysterical laughter…  Speaking of clean — I’m still working up the energy to wash down the outside walls of our humble abode, so Summer  pleeeassseeee come back, I’m simply not ready for fall.

Besides September 1 will be ‘S’ day for the hubby and me.  (S- saving ourselves, start of , starvation, sad, saving grace…almost anyone except the starvation—I’m just too freaking mean and ugly when I’m hungry. )

We have managed to find all the weight we lost the year. But since we no longer have the storage space for fat in our newer, smaller clothing—off it must come. Bastards again, I say.

I swore I’d never be one of those people. You know the kind – lose 10 or 40 pounds and then stuff it right back on….well, I guess we’ve joined that club eh. So here we are, determined to lose it all over again.

For mental aid, I’ve been reading a wonderful book by Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Lilian Cheung called savor (no caps) Mindful Eating, Mindful Life. He is a buddhist monk and she is a co-investigator at Harvard Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity. It’s one of those books I can only read in small chunks because there is so much to think about. Truly a book of little delicious AHA moments. Since I’m only half way through and I want to finish it before the 1st, I’d better hustle my butt.

And so I shall take my leave of this conversation (one-sided as it is) and put eyes, instead of fingers, to the ink.


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