Some Will. Some Won’t. So What. Someone’s Waiting.  Read that this morning in a article from  http://www.christinekane.com/currentezine/

It’s about accepting criticism. Not about wishing it didn’t happen, Christine writes, because what a boring world it would be if there wasn’t any. And that got me to thinking…..

Part of my procrastination with sending out more writing is how stingy  rejections feel. Even though I’m wise enough to recognise the fact they are unable to use my piece for a valid reason (to them anyway), and that it’s not a personal rejection, it still feels like it in that little pool of child deep down inside.

You know that place—where you’re wearing gumboots and nothing else and splashing around in the best water puddles alive.  Where life  is one big serving of jellybeans and chocolate milkshakes. Where everyone is nice to you, except that turdy bully  from two blocks over and the sun shines all the time. Yeah – that place

And man oh man when a negative word  in it blows the hell out of your little la-la land. And that takes a toll, even if you don’t recognise it.

Christine lists 8 things to help you deal with criticism. All good stuff but in the end we simply have to realize one fact—each of us is unique and each of us is entitled to think what we think. If you meet someone and you don’t click—do you keep arranging get-togethers, or do you recognise the fact that it’s not working and move onto meeting someone else—someone who will click with you?

So lick those wounds, pull up your big-person panties and move forward —that’s my motto right now.

pssst – I’m still trying to figure out who the ‘you’ is I’m talking to since I’m not publishing this blog—another nutso factor in my gray matter perhaps?

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