Flash is fast

Just received a post with a challenge to select three words from a list of five and create a story in less than 100 words. The five words were: enzyme, ivy, bishop, blister, lollipop.

Did I do it? Or did I create a vinette? I have a hard time keeping them straight and am never quite sure. But here’s what I wrote and submitted, good, bad or ugly…

The bishop debates. What if he is found out? Drool pools against his bottom lip caused by a mouth hanging open. He must. “Thorrry” he prays to the altar and leaves—sneaking through the town, not stopping until he reaches its imaginary border and Sharine’s scruffy cottage. The town witch.

He knocks, winching as tongue touches blister. The door opens. Gaping black holes riddle her welcoming smile. Eyebrows raise.

“Blithter” He groans pointing to his mouth.

“Ahhh. A special herbal lollipop—your salvation.”


“Don’t worry, payment won’t hurt much”

She cackles. Her dirty fingers grasp him. The bishop faints.

That’s it. I like the ending—it leaves things open to the imagination. But is it a complete story? Don’t know for sure. Just know that it is what it is and that’s the way it is this 16th day of September, 2011


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