Rhyming and Writing — Can my verse get worse?

There is a contestcoming up – 300 words in verse, poem or story. I have a wonderful little story I want to convert into verse. Dare I?

My poems tend to be more the style of a limerick, add a little hair and tooth-nashing and you’ve got my style! But since I’m aging rapidly, am no longer the fashion plate I once was (okay, maybe just in my own head), I’m fast getting to the point in life where one thought keeps running amok up in my tangle of gray matter.

“To hell with it!”

I mean who cares and what exactly do I have to lose? If the judges come after me, screaming that I’m so bad they’ll make sure I never submit again— I’ll change my name, disengage from cyber space, and go draw some pictures. Hah!  So there, you mean evil judges, so there. And if my piece doesn’t fly to first, second or third place I’ll rewrite (unpoem?) it, and try elsewhere. I mean, why keep holding back because I don’t want to lose. Pretty much that makes me a loser right there – right? So poemland, look out ’cause here I come, ready or not.

I was going to slip in a few samples of my poetry here and there but it’s hard to casually work in lines like the gimp with the limp was caught stealing shrimp with a pimp. Know what I mean? Not your everyday conversation though it could get a damn sight more interesting that some I’ve had….

Anyway, the verse contest is for children so you’ll have to excuse this short blog but it’s time to go wash my behind and park my mind…no wait.…that’s bedtime stuff… I mean—go wash my mind and park my behind….

Ciao      and may your pages fill with worthwhile ink.

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