Life without a printer is not worth writing about

Show me a new printer and then leave me alone to bang my head against it. Might as well—its how the scenario works each time.
In the last 6 years I’ve gone through 4 printers. True, I’m a learning/yearning writer and go through mounds of printing (not published so much—just printing). After my original HP packed it in after two years  I went for a finicky, more expensive Canon, which was superb, but when it had enough it died leaving behind a big mess of black ink pouring from its innards onto my unsealed, absorbent pine desktop. And given the cost of ink, watching it soak away was just this side of painful. Next I went back to an HP, thinking it a good workhorse—a clunky, noisy begger to just get the job done. With no big, unpleasant or pleasant, surprises it did what it should—until two days ago when it decided it had had enough and died. (Which I quietly admire, believing we should all  go like that).

At this point I’m thinking, since the more pricey ones aren’t lasting any longer than my original cheap HP, I’m going to purchase not only a less popular brand (mostly because they say best not to) but also a nice cheap one too.
But of course, I can’t be trusted. After harassing the sales clerk with my endless list of questions while ignoring the wonderful sales on HPs and Canons, I went with a year old model of a Kodak all-in-one.  How’s that for sticking to my firm decision…

But so far I’m pleased—Easy-peasy to set up and aside from the racket it makes when turning on, the print quality is excellent. I printed out a copy of a picture and the copy was sharper and richer than the original….But the big test will be how long this puppy lasts since the last one crapped out one month past warranty. And yes, I went with an extended warranty this time. Here’s hoping I don’t need it.
And one more thing, if this is the biggest disaster in my life, aren’t I the lucky one?

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