confessions – Maybe…

I just finished reading a post by a fellow writer who listed her confessions and I thought it was a hoot. Shoot, her confessions are as sweet as she is! I’m almost afraid to start this murky list.

I love ending lines with three dashes … It’s not good form for a writer but that’s how I think…many unfinished, open sentences.

I miss having an animal companion so much that I sneak peaks at our ‘magnificant beastie’s’ picture in a past column here just to refill my heart with dog. (I’m told husbands don’t count as animal companions – I beg to differ!)

I hate housework but worse, I hate the built in nag center in my brain which guilts me into pretending I care.

I think I’m somewhat clever, funny and kind but I try my damnest to hide it from the world.

My dictionaries all have worn out corners and ink marked pages from constant usage. Even when I do manage to spell a word right – I don’t believe myself and have to double-check.

I love to draw, especially with watercolor pencil crayons and this neat little tool called an aquawash. It’s a brush with a built in water tank. Tooooo much fun to use.

I love being alone. Totally, completely alone. It’s so freeing. I have great conversations (outloud) with myself and I get to play all the people involved. Trouble is, I suck at acting but then I’m alone -right?

I love people. They are so refreshing in their strangeness  And in their sameness …

And one that note I shall bugger off till next week. Ciao

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