Pain-relievers, butt-kicks and ego-brains

Wow! One week has passed and again time to blog. Trouble is,
I have nothing this week. I’ve been stuffing pain relievers into my body, like candy, trying to keep the arthritis pain at bay while I yoga it out of

The rest of the time has been spent trying to find a comfortable position and letting the foggy mind rumble along. Sitting in my writing space, in a firm chair is a killer and a giant-sized no-no. (The procrastinator in me is alive and well, thank you!)

When my body is in pain, my ego-brain moves in full-time and
lays out a lovely spread of pity and sympathy. Dare any rational thoughts
attempt to interfere with its job of self-sorrow and the ego –brain whips out
its nasty talons. Before I know it, the cranky old lady syndrome is alive and
well. And for a while life takes a ride down ‘Ugly Road’.

Thankfully though, the heaviness brings my spirit out of its snooze. My third eye opens and BAM—body/soul/brain connect. And man, once that
third eye is open, behaviour changes—it has no choice. Spirit recognises ego and its pain for what it is – the hurt, frightened child from our lives. It
pats it on the head, sends it love, tells it that it has done a fine job but
now the adult us needs to take over, and pushes it gently away.

And so the healing begins. Besides, I have an appointment with my doctor today and she will kick my butt from here to there, if I go in snivelling.

So my advise—simple—if you haven’t moved your own ego-brain
aside long enough to discover your soul/spirit – better find an ass-kicking

And on that note, I’m so gone…Namaste

Pssst – I always find it so amazing – even when I have nothing to say the lips keep flapping.

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