Revving up the ink juices once again

Sitting in hubby’s recliner with the white screen of the laptop staring back like a dog at the dinner table had me wondering what have I been doing worth writing about? Then it hit me—why not write about not writing (meaning the zero productivity that leads to zero submissions) and honestly, I was this close (fingertip pads almossssst touching) to believing my ego-brain and dropping the pen. If it wasn’t for my writing group I might well have. NO, Wait, there is another reason for pulling back and reloading—the arrival of the Magazine Market for Children’s Writers 2012 . Both of them have jump-started my flailing inkwell of energy.

First, the latest submission from the group was a story written and submitted to us with the admission it hadn’t had any self-editing yet. WOW—exactly the right tool at the right time for me. She may never realize how much her piece meant to me. Not that her story wasn’t good – it was. Very good in fact but the roughness of it allowed each of us to climb right inside the story and bombard her with ideas, changes and/or corrections. There’s just something different about critiquing a first-write. I literally had to keep my mouth closed as I critiqued lest I begin drooling! Let’s just say the juices were being to percolate.

Then the market book arrived and with its new layout/format, it felt like an old friend and a stranger at the same time. Nice! Another change for my stagnating mind. After labelling each section with tabs for easier research down the way, I checked out the listing index, mentally noting possible homes for the not-yet-submitted/returned pieces I have hanging out of my drawers (metal not cotton). By this time my juices are bubbling in a nice simmer and I am once again fired up with hope and ink.

Good for me – yaahhhh!

But before I sign off, there is something I want to get out. Something I’ve struggled with/against since I started writing. Like many writers I’m a private person and the mere thought of pushing myself into the public’s eye is bile-raising. I just want to write. To create a spark in some kid’s mind. I want that kid to think, discover something about themself, make them feel more comfortable inside their own skin. I want to make them laugh or feel that little shock that is so delicious.

I have woken up to the fact that I’ve been running away from connections within the writing world. There are so many successful writers who insist the only way to become that way is to get out there and push each type of connection. BUT, then every so often one of those caveman souls steps out into the light just long enough to disagree. Those are the writers who truly fill me with hope. They say it’s the writing that sells over time not the advertising.  It’s those writers who remind me that we’re all different and what works for the many doesn’t work for the all. Maybe, in the end, I’ll have to follow the worn down path but, for now, I’d like to try out for that tiny group that succeeds by the writing and not the mouth.

I guess I’ve always been one to walk across the street against the lights. Time I accepted it’s okay. At least for me, for now.

Now excuse me – I have some writing to do….

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