Keeping my eye on Spirit and my nose in books

While reading from The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga by Deepak Chopra & David Simon I had another one of those moments where I was dropped into the truth pool for a quick dip. Which really pisses me off because I want to stay there, once in, do a little floating, feel the cool truth washing over my dry tight skin as I gaze upwards at the endless sky, my pores absorbing more and more. BUT something keeps kicking me out before I’m ready.

I suppose it’s a good thing. Maybe more than a little toe-dipping of wisdom per shot and my mini-mind would explode like a firecracker too close to the fire, or perhaps I’d melt into an incoherent puddle of skin on the bottom of the pool.

I think learning infinite wisdom is akin to learning to color with crayons. At first we crayon like color bandits, too wild in our exuberance to learn much; unable to confine what we can see, do and feel. But given  time, mix with a helping of loving patience and we are taught to focus.  With little pats of encouragement on the head from our teachers we’ll learn to let go of the unlearned wild-child nature and start absorbing bits of universal knowledge. We come to learn the truth of us.

Deepak and David tell us to take a deep breath and to hold that breath. Hold it until it becomes uncomfortable and then to release it while recognising the relief that fills us as the air rushes out.

That’s where I sat back thinking — imagine if we treat our negative thoughts like that breath of air. What if, when we realize we are feeling uncomfortable, we take a moment to check our thinking. Listen to our own thoughts. Realize how much discomfort our thoughts are giving us. Now, what if we let those thoughts go – push them out like the stale air rushes out. What if we exchanged them for fresh new thoughts, like fresh, sweet, new air? We’d be replacing the negative thoughts with kinder, gentle refreshing thoughts and we’d be replacing the tension in our bodies with ease, instead of dis-ease.

To change isn’t easy until you realise you have to replace an old habit with a new one. Old conditioned, negative thoughts replaced by kinder thoughts—wouldn’t we just be the wiser for it? And healthier too!

The funny thing is — it’s always up to us. It’s a matter of recognising what way we are thinking and asking ourselves—is our reaction really our inner truth, or are we reacting out of old habits?

Ciao for now

No wait!

One more book mention. I recently devoured a simple, beautiful wee book called Guardians of Being.  Written by Eckhart Tolle—a unique little soul full of wisdom, and illustrated by the creator of the comicstrip Mutt—Patrick McDonnell. Patrick’s work is so charming in its simplicity it is a perfect compliment for Eckhart’s words.  It’s a gotta’ read – just trust me

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