Eyeing up the neglect levels

Okay, so I’m two days late this week and without nary a good excuse. Or does saying, ‘I forgot’ count?

Wait— the forgetting could be the result of me doing unaccustomed exercise and said exercise sucking up any weak energy from the oh-so-dusty, unused brain cells cluttering around in my skull.

Yeah, let’s go with that one, it feels right. And which leads me to this week’s revelation—neglect.

As I wander the roads (and alleys, oh lord—let’s not ever forget alleys) in the semi-rural area where I live, my eyes can’t help but feast on the varied levels of neglect offered up for the curious (okay—nosy) eyeballs.

The first kind of neglect to hit the eye is the seasonal kind. The odd summer chair nobody wants to take in because of the eternal hope that summer won’t end, so it’s left folded against the house, only to be forgotten once the leaves fall and the brain goes indoors. Now rain backsplashes off the soaked ground and splatters against the psuedo-chrome legs while the seat fabric disappears under a film of green fuzz.

The next level of neglect is the simple overload kind. Getting swallowed up in the ‘I gotta’ have it’. Then the next new thing comes along and ‘I gotta have it’ swings into being again. And again….and…. Without realizing it, space to store those treasures runs out and while we’re busy ‘getting’ the already gotten falls aside, forgotten and invisible, except as a feast to nosy eyeballs humping past (and yes, my walks are more the humping than gliding).

But the most insiduous type of neglect is the internal neglect. It’s hard to catch but it shows in all the other forms. Caused by an over-busy life? By not being able to take the time to sit (or walk) with a stilled mind. Maybe it’s something that should be taught to each human starting in childhood. Then our spaces might not become swallowed up in layers of neglect.

Of course my walks around my area wouldn’t be half as interesting.

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