POVs & MCs = A Bucketful of Joy Beans

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I’m writing, or more truthful, not writing. Why am I writing about not writing instead of just writing? Because, before I become immersed in the world of the book-that-wants-to-be, I need to record what I’ve finally figured out.

Listen, I’ve lived with these characters for about 15 years now but have never taken them much beyond my head. Still, in that mangled mousse of gray matter my story has grown. More characters have entered, a new world developed. Mystery slid in, heartbreak scattered about, love  worked its gooey charm on a few, and a touch of good old magic took off its invisibility cloak and flashed its beginnings at me.

Like it’s all there, right? Just put ‘er down, right? Well, there’s the problem— I figured maybe if I had more structure I wouldn’t get so confused. But then I ended up spending more time on the mechanics of writing than on the writing:

  • I’ve tried the ‘putting it on cards’ route.
  • I’ve tried constructing the story’s outline.
  • I read where one author writes down a brief outline of just one scene he wants to write that day.Then he writes it. Soon he was more than doubling his word count per day. So I tried it. It worked sort of, but it didn’t hold me to the keyboard.

The stopping continued. (ooh, ooh, I just made an oxymoron) 🙂

Then it hit me. I was trying methods that worked for others. Good methods, but you know—maybe, just not for me.

That’s when the rebel in me finally had enough and popped up with its ‘ TO HELL WITH IT’ attitude.

Just write. No layout. No outline. No structure at all.

And so I started…

…With two of my minor characters—two red-necky cousins and just let them have at it. And I loved it. They told a scene from their POV (and there ain’t nothing finer than a redneck’s POV). One dangly thread from their story pulled in one of the MCs and his father. They took over, telling me how they came to the town. all in their own words. Another thin fibre from them linked to another MC who took over. And so on ….and so on…. and  YOU KNOW WHAT?  I can’t wait to get back to these guys. I am loving it.It’s like wandering all over town, having a coffee here or a cuppa tea there; basically little quickies all over the place (and who doesn’t like a quickie now and then eh?).

And while I understand that I’m not actually writing my book yet, and that most of what I’m writing right now will end up in my oversized editing wastebasket, I’m okay with that because what I am doing is laying my groundwork in a wonderful patchwork/zentangle style that suits me.

Plus when this part is over, I’m willing to bet my story will be much more clear, kind of like a window that’s finally been polished. Oh, and don’t forget—it’s keeping my BIC. And ain’t that what it’s all about?

Hoo dinghies, ain’t life just a real bucket of joy beans!

Ciao for now

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