Oh, those glorious little burps

For the past few years I’ve been snail-speeding along un-cluttering my mind, and in turn simplifying life. This past winter has put wheels under my snailness.

Our winter-survival bank account (hubby being a self-employed seasonal worker) was more full of high hopes than cash reserves. And if there is one thing money, or lack of, can teach a person—it is realizing what is important. I suppose lack of funds can be compared to having a near-fatal disease in that it clears the mind of bs.

Once I realized I was surviving fine without this and that, or them and those, little burps of freedom began to pop up. Some were inside of me and some were in life around me. Those little space-burps showed me that my spirit was dull—overloaded with non-essentials.

Somewhere, in my life I’d lost sight of how important being creative was and is. Really, when I die—do I want to be remembered for the clean floors I kept or for the funky and marvelous stuff I`ve joyfully created ?

Hint: screw the floors…

Oh, and another thing I’ve been filling space with—reading. Lots and lots of reading. Reading fills me. And know what? I’ve been into some of the most wonderful books. I’ve been into some god-awful ones too. Some so bad calling them a book is insulting to all the good writers of the world. Or those books so convoluted skimming them is hard work.I happily turf them with nary a drop of guilt or shame.

And one more book thingy—I am going to freely admit I love reading children’s books. Picture books, chapter books, levels one, two, three and beyond. Hey, good stuff.

Or at least the ones written for the reader`s mind and not for the egotistical mind of the writer. Those shallow babies will join the other I’ve kissed off (not that I actually kiss any book).

And one final discovery (I swear) is how I`ve come to understand that many of life`s little melodramas really aren`t so important. Life is just life and when we stop fighting against reality, it ain’t so bad…

Ciao for now, I feel another burp coming on.

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