Checking out the fat

I just finished the book, Why Women Need Fat, by William D. Lassek, MD and Steven J.C. Gaulin, PH.D. and I don’t know about anyone else but I’m in love with these men.

They make the claim that what most of us think about our diet and our weight is dead wrong (they got my attention on that sentence alone). They take a look at our present day eating habits, the food we buy and the effects from both. They claim that foods designed to reduce saturated fat consistently add pounds and that diets do not work (oh, be still my pounding heart). They also set out to show us how eating like our grandmothers will make us healthier. Now, if they could just convince the powers that control our food supplies.  

I thoroughly enjoyed their book and learned some interesting information. One thought that keeps running through my head is that we need to turn back to the small farmer once more and turn away from our modern ‘factory’ farms.  Heck, we don’t need to turn away—we need to run away from these ginormous farms as fast as our tubby little legs will carry us…

While still on the subject of tubby little legs—I’m still doing a slow, luxurious read through the book, The Science of Yoga by William J, Broad. It’s a wonderful, wonderful look at something I love doing (just not as much as I should). I was shocked to find out that yoga basically started with Tantra yoga. Apparently ancient yogis sought a divine state of consciousness “homologous to the bliss experienced in sexual orgasm”.

Huh—who knew eh? Personally, it all sounded like too much work. I’ll take the faster road thanks. And keep yoga as a state inducing relaxation either before/ after/ or instead of, thank you very much.

And on that note – I hear my yoga mat calling my name.

Ciao for now

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