Still Breathing and still getting off on it…

My nose is back in The Science of Yoga book and I’m forcing myself to go slow with it; to look at what I’m reading, and to think about it. But, I gotta’ say—being a natural skimmer makes careful reading  slightly like a ride along the edge of painful.

I’m also still reading about the breath. They say (you know them−the they that knows stuff) well, they say that slow breathing turns out to have deep mental ramifications, with increases in calm alertness and raw awareness. Scientists who study animal behaviour have linked slow breathing to heightened vigilance. When an animal is ready to protect itself, its heart rate tend to fall.

So it got me to thinking back to different times when some life-changing news all but smacked me outside my mind.  You know, like when a spouse says they have found someone else and want to split, or a close family member says they are have a serious life-threatening disease, or even something like being out in a canoe and a sudden storm blows in and suddenly, shore is a very very long way away and you wonder what in god’s name are you doing out there!

Well, in each one of those moments, I felt two things. One was a sense of time slowing. It’s as if time had become a piece of fabric and something was pulling at its four corners stretching it outwards. As if the very weave of the fabric was opening, allowing a deeper richer sense of everything to fall through.

And maybe because everything, even the air, seemed heavier, the other thing I noticed was my breathing slowing. Which allowed me to feel an almost aching awareness of every little thing around me; a fly landing on a nearby plant, a bird down the road, a neighbour’s front door closing, a dog one street over barking, or the uncaring power in the water trying to capsize us.

And that’s what I’m finding again as I practice focused breathing. It’s like the me in me melds into everything else. Only this trip there’s none of that painful or scary crap attached to it. Just me and the bugs and birds and…

Another cool tool for my mental tool box

Oh, hey, maybe I should try drawing a tool box…..AND not just any old tool box, but my very own coooool tooool box.

Oh yessss, another reason to ignore housework…Yehaw!

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