If It Smells Like Crap….

You know I’ve been looking in the right place but for the wrong thing. I’ve been meditating and seeking from my spirit helpers (which I call my soul sisters since I figure that them in that dimension ain’t sexual so being male or female is a moot point and so, until I’m informed otherwise, I shall refer to them as I choose.)

Lately, my world has been tense and stressful and being the sensitive sod I am, I figured fifty million would ease my world so I hunkered down in my private world and asked….and asked….and waited….and waited, which has done diddly except to prove to myself that my practicing to learn patience is paying off.  Oh, right I did win five dollars on the lottery which made me wonder if the spirit guides were having a guffaw at my expense.

Then I wondered if I was being too shallow. I dug a little deeper and I discovered what I’ve really been missing is joy. I’ve let the bullshits in life pile up so deep around me, it’s smothered my joy. That’s what I’ve been missing. HUH! Plain and simple. Joy.

So I’m on a new path now. Figuring out how to shovel that manure pile away. Me, my soul sisters and the magnificent universal energies that be —we’re on it like ticks on a deer. (I love cliché’s and while I can’t use them in my real writing, I am not afraid to use them here in my blog ).

Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve got to go find a shovel and wheelbarrow.

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