Who’s Telling This Story Anyway?

I recently came across this line: We need to adopt the personality of the central character while writing the story in much the same way an actor adopts the personality of the character he is playing on stage.

It’s that a lovely thought? I discovered it in an article while taking a workshop on Writing The Short Story through the Savvy Author website  http://www.savvyauthors.com/

It not only got me perking about characters in short stories but it also lead to me admitting I’ve been dragging my butt (a favorite past-time) over which of my three MCs is going to tell the story in my book (yes—the one still mostly in my head).

Then it hit me—maybe I need to write three small adventure books, one for each character, followed by a fourth one where they (the three MCs) band together to solve the major problem in their town.

And, maybe not. Maybe at the end I’ll find myself doing some serious word cutting until I have one big adventure laced with subplots, or I’ll have four small adventure stories.

But, for now—let’s just chalk this situation up to me being stuck in the noobie-numbing  stage—meaning here’s a new writer making things more difficult than need be just because they are a noobie.

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