Writing News Flash


Every day.

Just write. Write about writing or write about not writing.

Write about the block that sits between you and writing. Write about how often during the day you think about writing but don’t make the walk between the thought and the paper.

Write about why you think you can’t write. Write about how bad of a writer you think you are. Or how bad a non-writer you believe yourself to be. Write about being a hot-damn bad writer in the best words you have.

Of course, if you are a bad non-writer wouldn’t that make you a good writer?

Write about what you want to write about. Or would write about if you could. Write about how many daft thoughts pass through your brain in a single day when you are not writing.

Write about the fear that slithers through your being when you consider actually submitting the words you bled out.

Write about the slimy things you would like to write about but lack the courage to.

With your inability to write describe that nitty-gritty soul-sucking erotic scene that takes your breath and blows it out your nethers.

Write about the person who pisses you off more than anyone else in the whole world. Write what you would like to see done to them (by you or someone else). Now eat your words (for safety).

Write about having to eat your own words from time to time. Pluck the sweetest words off the dictionary tree to describe the taste of inky defeat.

Just write about it.

What ever IT is….JUST write …

I did

I wrote…just like a writer

Yah for me

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