A Natural Note


I just finished reading Green for Lifeby Victoria Boutenko

 and I am blown away. I do believe I am making that A-B-C connection in the natural food-health thinking. Not so much the organic foods (which are important) but the natural side of things period.

Now I’m looking at chickweed, plantain and dandelions with the same desire I’ve had for years about my patch of stinging nettles. I’m beginning to see just how backwards we are about the food we buy and eat.

I worked for six years at a local herb farm and thought my bosses were fonts of knowledge. And to some extent they were, but now I see how all of us were missing a few key pieces of arithmetic. We can’t bring those fabulous herb plants from around the world into our little corner and expect them to produce the same valuable qualities. While they may continue to be a helpful plant, they need their home turf, water, sun and air to reproduce themselves perfectly. And while I understand how mixing up our own ‘natural’ fertilizers helped produce healthy plants, it again made changes to them, and to the soil they were added to.

If you haven’t read this book you may be missing out on some valuable bites of information. I highly recommend this read. (Her other book is Green Smoothie Revolution).

It doesn’t mean Randy and I are making drastic changes to our eating habits but we sure the heck are adding more raw foods, and green smoothies to our G.I. Diet way of eating. Besides, if we want an occasional steak, or hamburger and fries, better our bodies are healthy enough to clean it out quickly…

And after that poop-scooping comment

Ciao for now

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