The Bull in the Gem Shop story

Let me tell you a story.

One upon a time there was a small shop of gems.  This shop didn’t look like much unless you peered through the window and saw how every counter was spilling over with sparkly gemstones; in every shape, size and variety.

Each day close to midday, the sun would stream through the window to shimmy from stone to stone until the whole shop twinkled like a fractured rainbow.

But for all its beauty the caretakers of this shop were miserable. Fear made themselves sick with worry. They worried about thieves and then Fear made them worry about damage to the stones from the hot sun. Fear sat like large boulders on their shoulders until they came up with a plan. They would carefully enclose each gem in a thin membrane of mud.

It worked. It not only protected the stones from the sun, it made them unappealing to possible thieves. But soon enough they realized it was also keeping good customers away too. This made the caretakers unhappy again.

So they came up with a new plan and made great efforts to convince people that the mud crust made the gems more valuable. They said since it cost more money and took more time to make the membranes, how could the gems be anything but more valuable. Eventually the people came to believe them and the heaviest of the stones became the most valuable.

The caretakers were overjoyed with their ruse. And with nothing to worry about Greed found its way into their heads. Greed told them that more mud upon each stone meant more money. So they piled the mud on and grew wealthier. Eventually they began to leave gems out of some of the mud balls.

And Greed pushed them to sell more so they took to selling their mud-crusted non-gems at a local outdoor market near the edge of town as well as in their shop.

One day Truth, out riding the world on his bull, happened by.  He heard them hawking their mud balls as things of great value and it made him sad to see such silliness. Truth urged his bull past the nonsense and into the  town. Just as they sauntered past the gem shop one lone sliver of sunlight reached through a crack in a mud-crusted gem in the window. It hit the gem  inside and ricocheted a flash of brilliance that all but bounced Truth off his bull.

Within a heartbeat, Truth, being Truth, realized what was being done and why. But, also being Truth, he was appalled at the falsehood and, in a fit of great hissy, sent his bull barreling into the shop.

Bull, in his massive magnificence, wreaked havoc throughout until once more the entire shop sparkled in true beauty from a sea of dazzling gemstones resting over a bed of broken muddy lumps.

Moral of the story – Truth will always find itself through any false pretense and keep the bull where it belongs.

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