Ten things to the Good

  1. The amazing ability to bend over and touch my toes and then realizing my boobs are up where they should be.
  2. A partner who makes me laugh when I need it the most.
  3. Those quiet moments when Mom snoozes in her chair. They are a whisper of that blissful feeling that comes with being all alone. It’s quiet, it’s safe and it’s precious in its brevity. To wish for  more would mean losing mom and I am not ready to say goodbye.
  4. The days when the sun shines. It’s so freaking god-like.
  5. Using my laptop. Though when the DayVue screen I’ve ordered  finally gets here it may become number one on this list—instead of my upside down perky boobs. At least on the days when the sun shines and it’s warm enough to sit outside. . . and complain about the sun.
  6.  Communicating with creatures. So much can be translated without a word. Ever had a squirrel give you the eyeball. . .
  7. My everything-in-arms-reach hobby room and the wonderous creative tools I have crammed in there.
  8. Green smoothies. I remember the first one I tried. It was at a place called ‘The Power Bar’ downtown and it was so delicious I was  hooked. They are now a regular part of our daily food.
  9. My moments of meditation. As refreshing as a green  smoothie. Trust me!
  10. Having a family that cares. But is smart enough to  give me lots of space. . .

I was going to add ‘Ten things that I don’t like’ but figured why depress myself. They aren’t worth writing about; at least not today. There’ll be a crabby day burning behind my retinas soon enough — then I’ll spit out the things that make me crazy.

I think I just want to ride this happy high for a wee bit longer.

Ciao for now.

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