TEN THINGS I DON’T GET . . . no matter how hard I try

  1. When you consider the state of so many elders nowadays; dementia, senility, Alzheimer, or any of those other mind-robbing diseases — are we evolving into a species where we will be born wise only to simple downwards into a baby-minded state at death?
  2. Why is it we only permitted one super power when we hit middle age? If we can suddenly don invisibility cloaks, why can’t we also fly, or zap idiots into another dimension?
  3. Why are we taught that first impressions are so important when most of us don’t use (or even know we have) intuitive abilities?
  4. Why is eating three meals a day treated as normal? Is it really?
  5. Are we destined to become toothless?  Our food today has become so processed we can pretty much gum it into a liquid state. Plus — have you checked out dentist’s charges lately?
  6. If fat floats why do I feel so heavy?
  7. Why do humans need to give awards?
  8. Why do we automatically assume the pretty people should be in charge of . . . well, just about everything?
  9. Why do we allow government official (local or otherwise) to receive such high wages that we can’t afford simple basics like lifeguards for our local beaches?
  10. Why, when we decide to stop wasting resources, do others judge us as poor or pathetic, maybe even goofy? Why is it so hard to recognise true wealth?

Life is such a puzzle . . .

and I think I’ve lost a few pieces along the way.


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