Night brain and breathing

Last night I woke around  2 a.m. and slipped into one of those  middle-of-the-night-can’t–stop thinking loops.

And not the productive kind either!

No, it was the kind where the brain won’t stop chewing and regurgitating every un-good thing ever done, or wanting to be done. Where each bit of ick history is dragged back into conscious form and let loose. Where the body lays there stiff with tension, and come morning, the sorry ass is dragged from bed feeling grubby and the brain fights to pin the feelings of angst on any one thing, can’t, and ends up blaming everything and everyone.

But, (imagine loud cheers here) this time I caught the wild-dog thoughts in the middle of their catch-me-if-you-can romp-on-the-lawn party and I was able to gain calm by focusing on my breathing.

How freaking simple is that!

I like simple.

Focusing on the breaths creates space within the mind and the dog-breath thoughts. And within that space the reason for the murky thinking has room to arrive.

And for me it has. Let’s just say—the night-dog romp and slobber through the brain has finally run into an understanding owner with one hand on the open gate and the other waving goodbye.

Worth mentioning:

I’m on day 10 of a 21 day meditation challenge offered free at the Chopra Center.

They offer a simple mantra to use during meditation breathing: Breathe in with the thought mantra so ( I ) and breathe out on the mantra ‘hum’ ( am ).

Good stuff!

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