JuJube jellies = Buddha bellies

Ahhhh, life is good – sitting here on our deck not having to hide from the sun. Today the clouds are back. It’s about 8 degrees cooler. Nice.

Sad really, when I’ve spent all winter whining for the sun. . .

As I write Man-wonder is tying flies across the table from me. Mom is on the other side of the window, refusing to leave the comfort of her chair, and diligently working on her crosswords. One of the teens next door is practicing their flute playing. I wished I had a recording of a howling dog just to liven things up a bit . . . but that would be mean – wouldn’t it? On the other side of us, there’s a pack of young kids swimming and trying to out-scream each other. Bloody twits.

Oooops, there’s my middle-age crank winding up again. Shame on me and I’m trying so hard to develop a Buddha brain (to go along with my Buddha belly).

Today, I feel light-headed and spacey ( a tad cranked too—see above). I do believe we are suffering from withdrawal symptoms after ending a ‘four-large-bags-in-four-days JuJube binge’.

Not sure what brought the initial cravings on unless it was our discussion about going on a diet. One thing I do know – it’s been a bitch to get rid of the urges.

About four weeks ago we developed a craving for a night-time snack of JuJubes. It turned so bad that if one of us refused to go to the store for more—the other snuck out. I decided I needed to OD on them—make myself good and sick of them so I bought four large bags. Figured I’d give myself permission to eat when, where, and how many as I wanted. I didn’t give Man-wonder permission, but that didn’t matter in the slightest. And so the race was on to out-pig each other. . .

Four days later we crumpled the last empty bag.

Am I sick of them? No, I don’t think so. Can I now live without them? Yeah, the overwhelming urge is gone. Do my teeth ache from the sugar? Suprisingly no. (Though the bristles on my toothbrush no longer exist).

So, what did I learn from trying that?

Next time buy six eight bags. . .(and a couple of replacement heads for the toothbrushes)

Ciao for now

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