10 Things I Haven`t quite figured out yet:

  1. They say – for peace of mind we shouldn`t believe the thoughts our ego-mind conjures up. So then how do we ever trust ourselves?
  2. If you are praying that someone would just get out of your life, why does your heart pound in fear that they might?
  3. Always having to go outside to water the pots; You know – those same plants you dug up out of the yard to save on water. (Okay, okay, I confess – Man-wonder does the watering; I do the wondering.)
  4. Totally into the habit of making sure the keys are in your hand before you shut and lock your vehicle door, except that one time you not only don’t look, but you leave them in the ignition with the vehicle still running. (Yeah, that’s a special feeling that one. . .)
  5. How come we pray for summer and the heat yet when it gets here, we get so cranky from the heat?
  6. Why is it that the less we do the more tired we become? (Okay, so I do know the answer to this one but my brain keeps pushing it ever so slightly out of focus and reach.)
  7. How can we ever have patience when it takes so damn long to learn it?
  8. Am I the only one who suffers from train-wreck thinking? I tell myself I`m not going to do something, and within five minutes, I’m doing it.
  9. Always on the verge of giving advice but never willing to listen to myself?
  10. Why they say it’s best to understand both sides of any issue. I can – which is always leads me into a thorny two-sided internal-procrastinating dilemma. (Now that’s a pompous sentence worth chewing on eh?)

I best get busy; so many things to ponder over in such a small space time.

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