Stuff — Treasures or Dust Collectors?

  Just finished a read through of Julie Morgenstern’s Shed Your Stuff, Change Your Life: A Four-Step Guide to Getting Unstuck.

She asks us to look at our stuff.  And I have to say her ideas about why we keep some things are worth mulling over. Especially since many of us re-invent ourselves numerous times in a lifetime.

She’s right — we need to be honest about the stuff we keep. We need to ask ourselves tough questions: Has the stuff carried the same value through the re-inventions?  Is it valuable to the person we are now? Or to the person we once were? She asks us to examine our fear about letting go. Where is it coming from? What’s the root cause of it? She wants us understand why we are keeping the stuff. And most importantly she wants us to discover who we are without our stuff?

Basically I think there are two kinds of stuff. There are things we cherish. These are the things which cause little View Master style vignettes to flicker across our minds. Or little love-puddles to form in our hearts. (Awwwwwh, it’s okay to admit it. We’re talking treasures—not stuff.)

And then there’s the stuff we hang onto because it once held great value but now we avoid looking at it. Sometimes we even hide it. This is the stuff we need to be honest about.

I think it’s a case of listening to our gut—if the stuff twigs the heart – then it’s still relevant. But if it twigs the conscience then its only value to us is as a vessel for collecting dust.

And you want to know what dust is? Well, I recently learned what dust is and all I can say is . . .

Holy Crap—thank heavens for the hair filters in my nose!

And now, if you will excuse me, I have a few more brimming boxes of outdated stuff for Man-wonder to take away.

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