Can’t Wait to Finish Before Reviewing. . .

My read-in-progress is  the NATURE PRINCIPLE by Richard Louv.

Richard’s words ‘The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need’ is basis for this book and if the rest of the book is as wise as the first five chapters – Wow! I find myself nodding like a bobble-head in a moving vehicle as I read.

Take this section from chapter five where a woman, an admitted type A overachiever tells of how, after raising children, she returns to the workforce. To prove her value she works herself into a frenzy, not knowing how to stop, losing sleep and worrying too much until she brings camping back into her life and finds, as a therapy, it works for her.

And her words, as I read the truth in them, caused me to sit up and laugh out loud;

You plan for your most basic needs. You see wildlife taking care of its most basic needs. It reminded me that life asks very little of us. Eat, sleep, procreate—there really aren’t too many demands on us. So what the heck was I doing? All those details that were worrying me, raising my blood pressure, choking the life out of me, had nothing to do with life, really. Being outside made it all crystal clear to me. Just live. When we’re dead and gone, most of it really doesn’t matter. We just made it up.”

Imagine that! The things that we hold to great value, or lead us a merry chase, perhaps even piss us off, or hurt us—do so because we’ve decided their importance. We’ve made it up.

Holy Doodle—Another step up in my effort to simple down!

Now please excuse me – I’ve got a fantastic book to dive back into. . .

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