Now That’s a Character!

I have to face facts – I may never finish my chapter book.

There—I’ve said it out loud.

Oh, I have the story. The problem lies with the characters in my story. They might be a tad over-developed. (And not the hormonal big-stuff either).

No, I mean these characters are so well-rounded they won’t shut up and they will not leave things alone. They keep chucking up new bits of information. Sometimes they take a nice, clean, simple scene and make such a kerfuffle it ends up looking like an unmade bed.

And there really must be a bit of goober in me. Each time I listen to them, every time I’ve finish the rewrite I think – yeah, they were right, it is better. And as I hit that last period all I can think is—thank god it’s done.

Then, BAM, they strike again, and I’m forced to rewrite a scene, or scenes, or the whole stinking chapter again. I know I have some issues with self-control, but man-oh-man, these characters are often major pains-in-the-butt.

I’m not saying I don’t have any choice. There’s always a choice. Create flat characters with personalities similar to grass in winter. Or let your characters grow until they are as realistic as anyone you know; which means you will be listening to them.

Which poses the question — how do I ever finish a story when the characters won’t stop talking and changing things around?

Do I have to resort to threats?

And if I do that,  if I piss my characters off — can they make my head explode?


  1. Karyn Said:

    I am laughing continuously….Thank AC!


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