Babystepping My Way Out of Hoardsville

We recently shifted our bedroom out of our converted garage and back into the main house. I knew it would be messy but—oh yuck!

In the end we ended up shifting contents around in four rooms, giving away one dresser, two recliners, three cabinets, and box after box of no-longer-needed-or-wanted items. Packing up my sewing room was a—dare I say it—stitch in my side (quilters instinctively have super-sized stashes).

Downsizing my writing space and my drawing area, each by two-thirds, was harsh. Our basement is groaning as I type this. There is a mini-mountain (massive-mound?) of papers to be burnt and storage shelves are overflowing with far too many ‘not-sure-if-I’m-ready-to-let-it-go’ items.

You know, to my horror I have come face to face with my inner ‘hoarder’. Sending her packing like the furniture we no longer needed is going to be tough but I have to because Man-wonder and I have a plan. Our end goal is to live in a tiny place which will allow us to roam freely at will with no concerns for the stuff we couldn’t fit in our backpacks. Possessions will be mostly portable and anything of value will leave with us.

Yeah, it’s safe to say these big feet of mine have many, many baby steps to take.

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