Burning Up The Happy Track

Continuing on from last week’s blog about cleaning up and out

. . . We have been shedding much of the unnecessary stuff (and Man-wonder, bless his soul, has sweetly assured me that neither of us fit into that category).

Yet, after waving goodbye to a pickup full of un-necessaries and don’t-want-any-mores, I didn’t understand why I was still feeling clutter-y and stress-y so I sat in the dark of the night’s middle and thought about it. Questions began popping up like neon signs—is the clutter in the house, or is the clutter in me?  Is the purging due to our future plans  or is the purging more a temporary release from daily stresses? One could be useful while the other unhealthy and useless.

And while I’m still waiting for some for-sure answers one thing I did figure out was that my first step to knowing all will be to figure out the answer to the question—who am I?   You know—the ‘ I ‘ that lies beyond all the mental and physical stuff—the ‘ I ‘ that stands alone, silent and joyful.

Knowing that should put me back onto a happy track.

. . . And trust me—I’m ready to burn a little rubber once I get there. . .

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