Not Sure What Hat To Wear? Me Neither.

I just finished reading a piece by one of the wiser writers around—C. Hope Clark. The piece was on being a DIY.

She talks about compromising our story’s future when we try to cobble together what others do for a living. When we decide to settle for less than professional. She says ‘we have two choices; take the time to become an expert, or hire an expert’

Well, I was razzed by her words and thought, wow – someone else thinking like I do. Then I reread the piece and realized she was more likely referring to self-editing and self-publishing and not so much about expecting an editor, publisher or agent do the job that by the very definition of their profession tells what they are experts at.

I find the whole issue of being published a confusing one. I always figured if you wrote the book then you’ve done what you are the expert at – writing the story. But that’s not always the case; most often not the case. We are expected to write the story, find a publisher and then do a mega load of the marketing if we wish success for our creation.

There lies my confusion; aren’t we  the book’s writing expert? Shouldn’t we expect the other experts to pick up the ball when it lands in their area? Shouldn’t that be how it works? We are not experts at being an agent. We are not experts at publishing, nor are we experts in the editing field. And we are not marketing experts. There are people with those titles.

I don’t mean we shouldn’t do the signing scene or give talks about our work. But why are we expected to take on expert roles that don’t belong to us? I just don’t get it.

I truly don’t.

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