Ten Things To The Good

Top 10 winner

1. A European deli that sells true black licorice. How do you spell delight?

2.  A meat market selling local meat that’s not warehouse grown, warehouse slaughtered or warehouse infected. Bloody good stuff eh?

3. Discovering two new-to-me writers. Yasmine Galenorn with her Emerald the witch series and Jim Butcher with his Harry the wizard series.

4. Coming to recognise the unstable cycles of dementia and knowing that no matter how hard things seem there is a birth and death to every cycle. It’s like surfing – you have to climb on and ride over the turbulence.

5.  Knowing that meditation is always waiting for me when I fall off my surfboard.

6. Discovering David Gogo —a singer I like almost as much as Philip Philips. David’s bluesy christmas CD is delightful. Nothing tickles my sense of ‘twitter’ like a voice with a gravelly edge.

7. Taking a boring over-shirt and deciding there’s nothing to lose by messing with it and then having it turn out good enough to wear outside of the house! YeeHaw

8. Finally coming to recognise my style of writing. Not so much the voice but more my how-to  ‘git er done’ style. Now if I could just locate my ‘git and go’ style.

9. Looking up from my computer screen to a picture of a blissful sunset then as the eyeballs drift over, a wonderful shot of my own, ‘sonshine and his love’. Further down the wall are the framed words I aspire to live by —”Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body but rather to skid in sideways totally worn out and shouting, “Holy Shit . . . what a ride!”

10. And finally—reaching the number ten of this list. . .

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