Wandering Around In the Dark


2:34 in the a.m. and my brain was wandering down every mindless road it chanced upon. No matter how tired I was nothing was working.  No matter what position I dragged my body into the brain refused to relax and let itself be lulled into La La land.

Nope, the brain wanted to travel and chew over all things past. And during a spin down one road—I remembered opening an email asking what my word for 2013 was.  Since I love thumbing through my big old prehistoric dictionary and discovering words—why would I settle for just one word? Nah, I wasn’t following that lemming train.

But the brain is an unruly child. Tell it no and it jumps right in, insisting. And suddenly my brain was spazzing over its lack of a special word. It fussed and farted until eventually it worried up a word.


“Oh, c’mon.” my tired cells told my child brain, “Such a common, overused, overblown word. Like hasn’t every single person trying for a new-agey state of mind used abundance as word of choice?”

But the inner brat kept the word dancing around inside my head until I gave up and really looked at it—with both eyeballs and full attention. And that’s when I realized that for almost the entire year of 2012 I’d focused on the lack of in every area of my life. That’s why my brain wouldn’t drop the word abundance.

I’d come to a time calling for a shift in my gray matter.

2013—will be the year of more than enough of all things good and wise. This is the year I open both arms and heart to abundance. This is the year ‘lack of’ gets dropped to the gutter.

This year I’m a total overflow of abundance.

Wait . . . doesn’t abundance mean overflow?

Where’s my dictionary?

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