Psssst—wanna’ good read?



A book worth reading.

Some days, as I listen to the news or read the paper, it feels like too much of our world is moaning in agony; crazy with hate, or boiling in anger. It’s only shy of depressing. Recently salvation showed up and gave a gentle pat to my gray matter—in the form of a book about a dog.

Now c’mon who doesn’t love a good dog story?  And man, this is a GOOD dog story!

Oogy starts with loss and pain. Oh, great eh? But something keeps you reading and it isn’t long before you feel like you’re being caressed by a Chinook wind. The sweet fresh warmth wiggles away the mental chills of Oogy’s intro into life.  Larry Levin’s words read like a balm of love. He writes about his family before, during, and after Oogy’s arrival. It’s a book filled with kisses—emotional and physical and you can’t help but get right in the middle of it.

This is a story of a dog who should not understand joy. Or love. Or anything but fear. But, Oogy, aside from his outside disfigurement, is as whole, as pure, and as loving as any creature could possibly be.

It’s the story of his love, and his human family’s love, and reading it carries us into a better place.

Oogy is love. Pure. Simple. Unbelievable.Love.

If I could I’d buy a truckload of this book and pass them to everyone I meet.

But I can’t . . . so here’s a video instead;

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