Lying has such a stink attached to it!

flatulence 001

Taking care of Mom is a daily set of repeats—often tedious to the point of wanting to rip the stuffing out of something. Man-wonder has learned to recognise that glint in my eye and quietly remove himself from arm’s reach. (And they say monkeys never learn!)
Days can run long and dull in the world of dementia until unexpectedly a moment or two of sharp reality shines through like sunlight through a murky windowpane.
Just the other day was such a moment. Mom and I were sitting together, sipping cuppas and munching cookies when she noticed the book in my hand and asked what I was reading.

“A Compassionate Life by Marc Ian Barasch”, I said and immediately regretted saying it because I figured we were heading into another mind field of repeated explanations, which typically end with her saying, ‘Oh, never mind. It doesn’t really matter to me anyway.’ Which is then followed by me excusing myself and heading downstairs to bang my head on the ironing board, (it’s padded).

Sure enough—her head tilted and she said, “Explain please”.

Hoping it was enough, I read the words under the title, “Walking the path of kindness”.

“That’s the last thing you need to read,” Mom said to me.

I looked at her in surprise. “I have a problem with not accepting things as they happen.”

And that’s when it happened! Mom and I got into one of our mind/soul filling discussions about life.  It was as if we’d stepped back about two years. Back to when we’d sit out on the deck, discussing the world, religion, family and all things in between while playing scrabble. Oh, lord it was bliss!
But, with dementia, bliss, like everything else, has a super-short attention span.
Two chickadees landed at the bird feeder and as quick as it started, our conversation vanished. When they flew off Mom noticed my book and asked, “What are you reading?”

So help me—my brain flashed on a comment I’d read. Where the person lied to relieve the monotony of repeats and I did, “A book on how to fart properly” I said.

“That’s the last thing you need to read,” Mom said.

Hmmmmm – did we turn a corner or complete another circle?

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