Love Defines


‘Love is like a big old duvet. It covers a lot of wrinkles going on underneath it.’


Let’s talk about love for a bit. Love warms you. Love gives you space yet it holds you tight. Love fills you up while stripping you bare. Love gets in your face and makes you crazy.

Just like Man-Wonder.

The other day I was busy doing kitchen-y stuff when Man-Wonder wanders in and grabs me in one of his roving-hands-kind-of-love hugs. Within moments I was squirming and yelling at him to “stop grabbing the plump parts!”

So what does he do? He takes a couple of steps back, places his hands on his hips, and gives me the old up/down, up/down leer. (I know, I know—I was starting to feel the heat too.) But heat hit icicle when he asked, “So where the heck am I supposed to stick my hands?”

Oh, I told him. Don’t think he liked it but he just tells me he loves me – mean and nasty or not.

I prefer to call myself an irritable humourist. And, while we’re on the topic of plump parts; I know I’m not skinny but I also know I’m going to keep pretending I’m not fat. I am bodacious! It’s my wonderfully juicy jiggly secret mantra whenever I am in need of a mental boost.

And one more thing I prefer: That Man-Wonder never, ever reads this blog. He’d be dangerous with a word like bodacious in his head . . .


  1. Karyn Said:

    you never fail to make me smile and snicker my favorite Aunty! “Bodacious” ~ I like it! I will be adding it to my vocabulary too! (thanks) 🙂


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