An Amazing Breast Cancer Book

Breast Stories, Cancer survivors speak out, Portraits by Phil Carpenter.


What an amazing book. When I saw this book, I knew I had to read it. My sister survived breast cancer and many times I wondered about the things left unsaid, the emotions buried deep and held secret.

And having read it all I can say is, OMG!

Some stories made me cry; some stories made me cheer and some left me wondering why. But every one of them are survivors. Champions who have faced a battle most of us pray we won’t.

The funny thing about this book, well, not so much the book as me, was the hesitation I felt looking at the pictures. At first, it felt like I was in a peep show gawking at strange forbidden sights. I thought I was looking at women stripped of their femininity; ripped open for the world to stare at and deep in some shameful hidden spot I wondered how could they hold open their battle-beaten chests?

I learned. Oh yeah, I learned! As I read their stories, I realized I needed to take a look at my own sense of self-worth and uneducated thoughts.

Sure, they’re holding up their battle scars but they are also showing such a deep sense of female self, it’s awe-inspiring. They hadn’t lost anything other than flesh. They’d had to fight not only a life-threatening disease, but also their own unworthy thoughts and beliefs. AND THEY’D WON! What they are so proudly showing the world is a deep sense of self-worth and strength.

I wish I could stand in front of each one of them and give them a standing ovation; And I pray that should I be faced with the same battle, I find the same level of courage and self-worth as they have.

And yes, I always knew my sister was strong. I just didn’t realize the depth of her strength.

Right on sis, right on!

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