Keeping Things Dry


Water has been on my brain lately. No, I don’t think it’s because of our wet winter. I think it’s more the fact that we survived it and now summer is coming. Which means our water bills will shoot crazy-high again. Which means the coming of some deep discussions between Man-Wonder and myself since he’s King of his Let me get my excessive six-foot watering wand so I can over-water you world, and I’m Queen of my Anyone else wants more water it’s going be off with your pretty little heads world.

Yeah, it can get ugly round here when the sun drops in for summer vacation.

I heard somewhere that Canadians are awful when it comes to water consumption so I went online to find out more. Man, did I come across a boat-load of interesting facts about water usage in North American. Seems we North Americans tend to better resemble water hogs when compared to other populations in the world. People in the US use an average of 575 L (litres) per person per day. Canadians run a close second with our average of  360 L per person per day.

Shame on all of us.

When I read how a five-minute shower uses about 100 L  of water compared to the 50 L used in a bath, and knowing how Man-Wonder and I are shower-heads,  I decided to make showers my starting point for becoming less water-hoggish.

However, knowing how I can’t be trusted to stick to plans I plan, I needed a way to enforce myself and that took some serious thinking. But I did it—I came up with a slightly complicated but do-able plan.

First off, understanding how often old ladies need to pee was a key factor. I knew I’d have to wait till that crucial time mid-morning when Mom has returned from her five hundredth bathroom trip and tea time. With Mom settled in her chair, and with the kettle beginning to heat up, it’s downstairs to fill the washing machine and sort out a load. Once the machine is loaded and in full swish-mode it’s back upstairs to make and deliver the tea to Mom. Now—this leaves me with a delicate window of time between Mom’s next trip down the hall and the washing machine’s water exchanges.

I strip, scrub, rinse, fluff and dress. Less than five minutes, undress-to-redress stage.

Then it’s back downstairs to hang up the laundry, hustle back upstairs again to check out the tea party and . . .

I’m ready for another shower.

I wonder if I went outside and tried to look like a bush in Man-Wonder’s world . . . would he hose me down?

Might be the next step in water conservation.

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