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THE MAP by Colette Baron-Reid.


A couple of blogs back I mentioned I’d started this book and only getting as far as the first paragraph before erupting into one of those joyful moments where another piece of you opens up, and it feels like someone banged a gong inside your head—I was so looking forward to more.

It wasn’t to be.

Her book is  a role-playing way of looking inside oneself. It asks the reader to create a deeply involved, twisting and turning, surprises around the corners kind of mind-map, and even though I’m a fan of all things map-py, I couldn’t catch a ride on this book. As  long as the reader is prepared for a lot of involved work to take place, it’s all good.

I’m wasn’t. I’m not. I like simple. I don’t care for role-playing, and I’m not a games fan and maybe, right now, in this stage of my life, I’m just too tired. Or maybe I’m further along on my path of understanding me the human and me the soul than I realized—I’m not sure.

I just know this book isn’t for me. And that’s sad. I like learning and I love reading so it’s always a big disappointment when I start a book but can’t finish it. And I didn’t finish this book.

I’m sorry Colette Baron-Reid but we simply had to part ways.

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