I’m back!

sceneSo here’s the thing—my computer lost ability to connect to the internet on May 3rd so I took it for a ride down to the store it was purchased from.

” No problem,” the tech said from his side of  the doorway to his electronic hospital room, “Sounds like a something-something card corrupted. Easy fix.” He tells me. (The something-something is my version of what he said.)

Six days pass before he looks at it. I know. I was calling. Day eight he calls at eight p.m. and insists he needs some discs I have.

“Right now?” I ask since we’re a good 25-30 minutes away.

“Yeah, right. Now would be good.” He replies. This kind of excites me and I hustle Man-wonder out the door, discs in hand.  Maybe he’ll come home with the tower. He doesn’t. 

All the next day I wait for the phone call.  After all, if tech-man wanted it asap—I should be getting it back asap—right? 

Day 10 he calls to say it’s ready. “There was a virus. Nothing serious but I had to strip it down to the bone and reinstall everything. (Again, my non-techie version.)

“If you’re interested ” he tells me, “we sell an excellent virus protector here.”

“Yeah, no.” I reply not sure I’m buying what he’s telling me since the system had/has a top-notch protector already. Not that I know anything techie—no it’s more of a gut feeling over the way the whole tower-to-sick-bay was handled. I’ve never totally warmed up the Certified Data system since I bought it. Just different things that didn’t do what they should for a system barely out of diapers.

Anyway, whether I’m right or wrong, I have my tower of shiny black back and I’ve been pulling my hair out strand by strand since I figured out what cords went where and had to start re-installing the programs he didn’t.

Lets be clear here — program installs and this human don’t mesh too well. The installs tend to stick and slip during their processes, occasionally sending up  strange warnings like  “system failed to .  . . ‘

I’m not always sure what they mean. I usually hit the keyboard in a jerky panic, and poof, those little windows of doom disappear.  

And I’m sorry I haven’t been able to erase the hysteria in my voice. I figure another week or so and I should be perking along again.

What have I learned from all of this? I’ve discovered how easy things can feel without the internet. Kind of like a mental vacation. I think I like it. I really do. At the very least, my eyes stopped burning and the dent in my forehead had smoothed out.

It was nice. Sort of. . .

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