The nightly news again and again and . . .

Well, I’ve had my computer system back for a week now. Most of the programs are running well but some issues it had before are slowing raising their ugly little blank faces causing me to use big juicy fat vulgar words to soothe the angst when I run out of jujubes.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I rather liked not having the internet. There was a sense of quiet in the house. True I missed the instant gratification of finding information. But I survived that lack of instant knowledge and I found my attention span for other things growing.

And honestly, there’s enough electronic vibes winging around here from the television.

Especially with Mom’s continuing passion for watching the nightly news. Her watching the news isn’t the issue here, It’s that she won’t settle and enjoy it unless we join her. So we sit—for the five p.m news. And then the five-thirty news which is almost exactly the same (for Man-wonder and myself anyway. For Mom it’s all new news.) Same thing for the six p.m. news, and finally, for the six-thirty news. I suppose it’s a good thing I’m right there beside her because there is a lot of questions from Mom over what the closed-captioning is printing. (Mom has severe hearing loss).

Take last night—the news anchor was discussing a new Spanish restaurant’s menu and was describing each dish as the camera panned them. The closed-captioning program finally gave up trying to spell the names and simply wrote suspicious language. .

Trust me when I say that closed captioning is for the deaf. It is not for those suffering from dementia. And trust me on this too—I am eternally grateful there is no seven p.m. news around here.

Mind you, there is another source of nightly entertainment happening just out of Mom’s peripheral vision as the news plays out—thanks to Man-wonder and his dislike of all news.

Oh, he can usually make it through the first half-hour but by the second half-hour of repeating news he begins a sneaky slither out of his squeaky recliner. That’s followed by a strange sideways walk along the edge of the room until he’s close to the kitchen door and then !cid_D1D57C02-A775-44AB-B9E6-BE412DA87BBC he takes a fast jump to freedom.

I admit I’m half-envious and half-annoyed at his antics; if I leave who’s going to explain the closed-captioning?

I guess my point is who needs the antics of a bad-mannered computer? I’ve got Man-wonder and I’ve got the news. . .and they got me.


  1. Anonymous Said:

    okay AC ….if he’s jumping out the kitchen door..I am assuming there are steps off your patio? If not…is that when he dons his SuperMan-Wonder costume and fly???? I have been on that porch and don’t remember stairs but that was a very long time ago….*sigh.


    • Tsk tsk. Man-wonder is only superman in his head though I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a cape and ‘tards :)-
      Seriously—he does his magnificent middle-aged jumping from the other side of the living room into the kitchen then out the other side of the kitchen and down the hall to freedom. I would imagine if he was flying over the deck railing even Mom would hear his screams. . .
      And yes, it has been awhile eh.


      • Anonymous Said:

        funny girl and TMI on what you would like to see and how!! 😉 Tell him I say “Slick man real slick”. Great blog, as usual 🙂


      • Will do. And thanks


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