Worthwhile Reads

For the Head:

  •  For those who need it  like I do, here is a link to Leo Babauta’s wonderful little free e-book  “The Little Book of Contentment.” Leo is a wise man who has learned and lives the values of ‘less is more’ and is teaching others how to live it too.  http://zenhabits.net/

For the body:

  • 8 steps to a8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back  by Esther Gokhale, L. Ac. A book that asks *Remember When It Didn’t Hurt*  The biggest problem I am having with this book is that it’s a library loan and someone else is always wanting it when I want to renew it. I may well have to buy it.

energy medicine Energy Medicine by Donna Eden is a book I have turned to regularly for years. A book on how to keep our parts humming. A staple on my shelf.

For the  heart:

crittenden county The Secrets of Crittenden County by Shelley Shepard Gray is a series of three books—Found, Missing and The Search. More? I hope so. She writes a blend of secrets, love, trust, and faith and all without messing up anybody’s sheets. It’s a refreshing breath of fresh air, sweet and simple, yet with enough mystery and angst to keep the pages turning. www.shelleyshepardgray.com

For the child inside:

thumb and theThumb and the Bad Guys by Ken Roberts.  The two main characters are twelve years old (I relate well). Quirky in a wonderful way. I am definitely checking out more of his work.

momdaughterAnother excellent children’s book is Mother and Daughter Tales. Rich, fascinating folktales from around the world. Retold by Josephine Evetts-Secker and illustrated by Helen Cann.

For getting outside :

perfect plantHere’s my all time favorite gardening book Perfect plant, perfect place by Roy Lancaster. One of the first books I drag out as soon as the frost is but a memory.

a mountain yearA Mountain Year  (a nature diary of a wilderness dweller) written by Chris Czajkowski, a world traveler who settled in the wild mountains of British Columbia where she lived alone for many years. Chris’s diary includes her own art work. It’s nice to read a book of courage and fearlessness while curled up in a recliner by a warm fire.

Muriel Foster's    Muriel Foster’s Fishing Diary.   When Man-wonder and I read about  her diary we both agreed we needed to own a copy. Muriel Foster lived in England from 1884 until 1963 and fished most days of her life. Her journal is a handwritten ledger-style account of her fishing  and decorated throughout with her own artwork. Painted scenery, hand-tied flies and caught fish are scattered about the pages in great detail. A must-have kind of book for the fly fisherman or the sketcher.

For getting far far away outside:  

mobile mansions  Mobile Mansions, compiled and commented on by Douglas Keister.  Another  favorite  and one I pull off the shelf come summer and the urge to take off hits me. Doug has filled this book with pictures of every kind of home-on-wheels imaginable—from the invent of the motor home to present day. I won’t lend this book out because it’s my day-dreaming book and sometimes I just need to open the book up to page 87 and smile back at my favorite motor home.

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