Christmas In June!


This month Man-wonder and I received three wonderful gifts. Gifts of time.

Two Sundays ago we were able to slip away for a walk. (Bless you Philly) The plan was to visit a local park and walk in to the lake.  You know—just enjoy the moments.

We arrive at the park and like a lemming drawn to a cliff Man-Wonder heads for the outhouse, throwing off the suggestion  I check out the park map and find the best route to the lake.

Let me say right here, right now, that my sense of direction doesn’t exist and he should know better after seventeen years of marriage.

Naturally, we got lost on the first trail.  So what does Man-Wonder do? Does he take charge? Noooo.  He keeps asking me which path I think we should take. Naturally, I’m not going to admit I’m wrong so I keep picking. And we keep staying lost. Not only are we lost but we are heading uphill.  One rocky knoll after another.  PFFFFFT.  I figured we were about two knolls shy of reaching the clouds when we pass an elderly couple chatting away like magpies on a bench, with  their little wiener-variety dog between them. ‘Helloooo, Hellloo’ they chirped.

I could barely say hi I was sucking wind so hard.

We finally reached the peak and what a magnificent view from way, way up there. Just the wind, the tree tops, and us— sitting there with our heads in the clouds.

Anyway it was magnificent, unlike the week that followed where I felt like I was walking around on two new wooden stumps instead of  legs.

Honestly—stumps would have felt better. . .

Fast forward to the past Sunday  (Kudos to Phillo again). We dusted off our canoe and paddled round, and round, a small lake (one of Man-wonder’s favorite fishing spots) enjoying the variety of calls from  red-winged black birds while we dodged dragonflies and scared the beejesus out of the tadpoles hiding in the lily pads we sailed through.

But the most precious gift of time we’ve received this month was yesterday. Oh, we didn’t go anywhere. Neither did Mom. And that was the best gift of all. Mom was Mom.

She woke up knowing who she was, where she was, and why she was where she was. She wasn’t lost for a single minute of yesterday.  Wasn’t sad. Wasn’t fearful. Nor was she upset with herself. No endless asking of the same questions.  She was just sweet old Mom all day long. I’m sure she wondered why I kept sneaking peeks at her and smiling.

And last night I lay in bed listening to her soft snores I admit I prayed for one more day.  Just one.

I guess I was being greedy.

She woke up lost again today.

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