Quick, where’s the bananas?

monkey with banana

Here I sit with my brain twitter-gagging but not engaging on any one subject. Sometimes I think I have nothing to say.

Oh, wait—ain’t that just a load of crap—I always have something to say. I can’t shut my mouth because of the load of words building up in there.

But I doubt I’m alone in that area.

Think about it—you always see people walking around with their lips gaping open like they got a mouthful. I used to think they had either mental, or sinus, issues. Now I’m betting they just have too much to say and the words have backed up. Stuck between the teeth and piling up under the tongue while banging on that little punching bag hanging at the back of the throat.

From this disorder I do suffer. The inability to shut my mouth.  Zip my lip. Sometimes I feel like there’s this little idiot monkey winding up my vocal cords like some jack-in-the-box all the while making sure every thought by-passes the common sense area of my brain.

Like when I see someone looking puzzled or like they are going to ask me a question. Do I calmly wait to answer? No. No. NO. The monkey-mind in charge has to leap out with the answer before the question to prove how smart it is. Only it isn’t.  Most often it’s wrong or, if by some far off chance it’s not wrong, it’s still confuses the heck out of the other person. At the very least it darn annoying.

So, do I learn from that?

Intellectually yes. But if you put the intellect in a race with the idiot monkey-mind— guess who wins? Intellect is slow and cautious like the tortoise. Monkey-mind is like the rabbit. And in this go-round world of mine speed wins every time.

On the bright side—I’m eating more bananas. . .

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