Space For Thinking


Big thought for today: How serious we take ourselves

I see the changes in Man-Wonder and myself as our care days go on. It’s hard to find humor some days. Some days the emotions are all over the place. A melody starts as I’m driving down the road and the tear ducts open. Two minutes later I’m laughing at a thought passing through my head. Five minutes after that I feel the ugly in me rise up at the stupidity of another driver and I give him/her the look —c’mon jerk/jerkess, cut me off again and you’re going to be inhaling my exhaust from the wrong side of your nose.

Seriously, don’t we all think our woes are the worst? Sometimes I’m stuck in my angst so deep it’s all I can do to breathe. Those are the times I push myself outside onto the deck or onto the grass out front and turn my eyes skyward.

No, it’s not to pray.

It’s travelling time. Time to appreciate the layers of wispy clouds drifting by as I pass through them and into the brilliance of the blue curtain beyond. But I don’t stop there. With my eyeballs still on the rise I go high beyond the stratosphere, beyond the Hubble Space Station, beyond Moon, Sun and Jupiter. I go  until the sense of being lost in a vast emptiness of dark nothing overwhelms me. Only then will I turn my travelling orbs around to look back at our teeny-tiny earth doing it rotations in the emptiness (well, except for the gazillion other planets, stars, meteorites etc.) and I realize how trivial it all is. How teeny-tiny my entire thought process is.

Hell, how teeny tiny my life is.

It’s freeing. It’s like opening up my head a crack and letting what  really isn’t important drift away.

After all— they’re just thoughts—created by me, and I can make new ones anytime I want —right?

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