Here comes another brain wave . . . lower the life-boats

brain waves

I’ve been working through a condensed (15 module) version of the main Silva Life System program I heard or read about, somewhere from someone.

Normally our brains function in a beta state. The Silva Method is basically about gaining mind control by training your brain to use a higher level (alpha) when possible. When necessary.

Why the heck not?

Well, I have been pleasantly surprised at how well it is working. I like the light meditative states the program teaches and am able to enter into them fairly rapidly.

I admit, through some of the modules I’ve thought ‘oh yeah, like this is going to work’. But surprisingly, if one keeps one’s mind open, one can step right in there and grab a handful of brain waves.

I like that!

In doing the mindful meditation exercises I’ve seen how long-ago life happenings pushed me into a sense of having to control everything around me. It has allowed me to see how the control thing hasn’t worked, isn’t working, and will only continue to make me miserable if I keep believing what I’m thinking. It’s no wonder I get so many headaches. . .

This Silva Life System has been walking me along some interesting paths through my gray matter.

Another amazing side-bonus with this program is how quickly Man-wonder, and even Mom to a degree, recognise the head-set and give me space. In fact it’s lovely. In fact, there’s even times when I put the headset on and fake it. . . .


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