Who needs furniture?


Things have been moving forward at a speed we aren’t used to. From the day of listing, the hanging up of the sold sign on our home took fourteen days.

And since deciding to try life in a mobile park we’ve also found the one and the sold sign on our new abode should be happening tomorrow.

Moving date is expected to be happening two weeks from this Friday.

Holy Shit eh!

Is this life in the fast lane?

The strange thing is we never intended to go the mobile route and looked at a ton of little houses but the idea of a mobile that didn’t move somehow seems to suit us. Kind of a ‘able to run but don’t be stupid why would we’ state of thinking.

Our kind of thinking.

This next stop (final one – who knows) is a sweet, tidy place that needs our touch. We both felt it. Okay, that’s a lie. Man-wonder stuck his head into the attached workshop and that was it for him. Me—one look at the white walls, the plain oak cabinets and naked spare room and my creative juices were idling at the curb with the horn honking. The surrounding itty bitty yard (compared to the /12 acre we live on at this moment is pretty much bare; except for the three timber-lined garden beds which are the perfect home for my stinging nettles and lemon balm.

The thing that tied the bow onto the entire mobile deal was the radiant heat system under most of the flooring. I think Man-wonders toes broke out into song when they felt it and I see us having a hard time staying on the furniture.

But until we are officially moved in there is much, much, much to do and any writing that takes place will most likely be in list form: things to do, to clean, to pick up, to throw away, to contact, etc etc.

Once the lists are history, real writing will return. See you then and have a spooking good Halloween.

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