MHP = Home ?

All my life I’ve had that feeling like I was being watched—like life is just one gigantic theatre show and the only way to get off the stage is mortality. And, here in this trailer MHP being watched is a given.

I think I’m finally home.

Step outside and there’s no glancing away to create that private space. See someone sitting at their window and you wave. Pass someone in a vehicle and you nod. Meet someone walking and you say ‘helllooo’ and have a conversation. There’s none, absolutely none, of acting like a city-citizen where eye contact doesn’t happen. Nope, in a trailer MHP you make eye contact and smile until your gums dry out.

I am trying hard to stop using the word ‘trailer’ because it brings images of the Trailer Park Boys to mind. ‘Mobile home park’ makes me feel more like I’m one step closer to life on the highway. You know—freedom, open-road, Tom Cochrane’s Life is a Highway mind-set.

One thing I know already—life in a MHP is not going to be dull. Like the streets in this park—a maze of twisty, splitting and dead-ending streets. It’s taken awhile to figure them out. This park has slowly grown, stretching itself to fit winding streets, hills and mini-valleys. No yard in this place is the same. Some mobiles are wedged together while others have these magnificent yards. Some sit on pseudo-cliffs above marsh, while inside the middle of the park others perch on hilltops like guards over those below. Some mobiles are sheltered under mini forest groves while other perch behind pleasant groupings of shaped shrubs with nary a tree in sight. And there is no false sense of pride here. Two tiny travel trailers share the same road with a mobile grown to the point it’s impossible to see the ‘mobile’ part anymore.

I love it!

Honestly, I believe privacy is all in the head. No matter where you are or what you’re doing you are being watched and judged according to someone else’s beliefs. At least here in the MHP you’re quickly dismissed from mind as attention shifts.

Maybe that’s the trick to MHP living—short attention span. If that’s the case – I am so home. . .

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