Here’s to me, and me, and me. . . and maybe you too

As I mentioned in a previous blog the word narcissist and I were combined in a sentence directed at me and which set me on a path of internal study and that study has led me to a few self-discoveries. I’ve also been looking around at what others have to say about narcissism.

Freud says Healthy narcissism might exist in all individuals. That this is an original state from which the individual develops the love object. He argues that healthy narcissism is an essential part of normal development

And while I was thinking big over this information I was also reading A whole Life’s Work by Lewis Richard and in a world that loves to pop up coincidences I came across more thoughts on narcissism: Lewis says, ‘We begin life as dedicated narcissists. When we are babies, the needs of the self are supreme.” He goes on to say, “Even after bonding and establishing a loving relationship with another we do not become aware that others have needs as we do until around the age of two.” further along he adds, “Even well into adulthood, some narcissistic patterns remain. The character struggle between helping ourselves and helping others continues throughout life.”

I guess if I am a narcissist then I’m not alone. But then if I recognise there are others just like me then doesn’t that make me a non-narcissist?

If you ask a religious person who is God – the condensed version of their answer may be that God is us and we are God. If you ask a spiritual person who is the Creator, the all of everything.They may well say we are everything and everything is us. Do not those types of thoughts smack of narcissism? We are God, we are everything. . .

Seems the more I look into that word the more I think Freud might have something in his thinking.

So—here’s to you, here’s to me—ain’t we all just a little on the divine side.

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