Run—here comes the camera!

We recently discovered a small park in the middle of town with this funny little path along one side of the park.


Can’t you see little Red Riding Hood skipping along the path? I’m pretty sure I saw the big bad wolf lurking behind a tree.

Looking at this picture made me realize I’ve taken tons of pictures throughout the years—just not the usual kind; very few where everyone is smiling nice-nice at the camera. And looking back it’s a wonder my son isn’t in deep therapy.

Take the first time he wore suspenders. By the time he arrived home from school that day he’d tightened those suspenders so tight it’s a miracle he was able to produce children later. What did I do? After getting my hysterical laughter under control I took his picture then fixed his pants.  Poor little bugger.

Another time he’d fallen off a bike (motorized) and after we’d gone through the horrific route of having the emergency staff scrub the gravel from his face —what did his loving mother do?

Took his picture!

“You’ll think it’s funny one day.” I told him.

He still doesn’t!

Then there was the time his face poofed up after running through a field of tall grasses and he ended up looking like a Botox addict. Yep, have that one filed away too.

My favorite is one I have to take total blame for. It was the year he needed a new house coat and I decided to make him a warm fuzzy one. Did I use the usual flannel or nice soft fleece? No, I went with a fake fur fabric. The poor fellow looked like a bald-headed badger in that awful house coat!

And I think I just figured out why Man-wonder gets a weird scrunchy look every time I pick the camera up.


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